You Must Write Code Every Day!

Well. It was kind of an off day for me today. I was working on a side project back in late August 2014. Then usual semester (5) assignment & quizzes started in September 2014. I didn’t open this code thinking that I am perfect in it. In October I started a C# project ‘My Contacts‘. Mid terms started on 27 October 2014. All this time I was thinking I am good at that project but today when I reopen that code again to work further it was like as if I am reading Egyptian hieroglyphics. I heard some programmers saying that ‘Do Code every day’ otherwise you’ll be doomed. Today I accept this fact as 100% true.

There were a few major problems with how I was working on my side projects. I was primarily working on them during the off days. That’s the problem. So I decided to set a couple rules for myself:

  1. I must write code every day. These must be addition to posts that I write.
  2. It must be useful code. No tweaking or Jugar.
  3. All code must be written before midnight.

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Hi! I am Sajjad Arif Gul, Software Engineer by profession but apart from my work, I am also a passionate Gamer, Teacher, Swimmer, Photographer and Writer. I love travelling and doing works that bring positive values to the lives of people.

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