The Inception : Why I set up my blog?

So it’s almost 11:30 PM of 31st December 2014 & 2015 is almost here. People in my neighbourhood are getting ready for new year celebration as fireworks & sky firing continues yet I am here setting up my new blog on

This is something I have wanted to do for sometime. I started my online career when I got admission in software engineering at Bahria in 2012. At first I started writing about what I was learning in my computer programming labs & share solution with my classmates. After a year of writing on Blogspot hosted account, I bought my first domain & I still write about C# Programming Language on it. Just not on regular basis but when I get some free time & when I find something new & interesting.

So why did I do such a thing? Why I setup my blog? Well, I am in the habit of maintaining a diary containing my day to day experiences as well as jotting down my thoughts on topics close to my heart. Now I decided to write on the blog rather than the diary. And now a days, I write my thoughts on the blog I have linked with my own website. Already I see a lot of advantages to this form of documenting. For one, my friends, family & people around me can pull up my blog and read about my day as well as get to know about things that I am doing. In diaries no one else can share their views about me but on blog they can post comments & share their point of view. I use my blog to document interesting stuff like codes, jokes that one came across and so on. In fact, I use it to document just about anything from contact information to documentary videos to … in fact any data that needs to be remembered. And it is much more fun than writing in a book and comes in handy.

I love expressing myself, things I do & things I love through the written word. I love sharing personal experiences that could possibly help someone’s life in some capacity. The goal of my blog I am sure will be rather mercurial. I will share what I will learn in all programming languages, Software designs, Web design ideas, my thoughts, my travels, my taste in music, literature, films, and other related stuff. I want to inform people around me on the most obscure things I have learned. I’ll also share colourful photographs of life around me.

Waiting for all the new Adventures 2015 will bring in my life. I’ve planned to do so many new things in this year. Its feeling a special year for me. ☺


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Hi! I am Sajjad Arif Gul, Software Engineer by profession but apart from my work, I am also a passionate Gamer, Teacher, Swimmer, Photographer and Writer. I love travelling and doing works that bring positive values to the lives of people.

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