Syria! Nothing Personal, It’s just good business

Syria, the land of Prophets and civilizations is in chaos and civil wars between unknown number of groups. So many groups are fighting each other that one don’t understand why and how this whole conflict started in the first place. Everyday, I see news feed from big media outlets telling stories of the atrocities being committed on civilians by each party. It is very shameful to see what low level humanity has come to.

Syria: The Crisis

On one hand we have United States and its number of allies helping Syrians rebels to topple Assad’s government while bombing ISIS (so called Islamic State) targets packed with civilians. On other hand we have Russia helping Assad government by bombing not only rebels and ISIS but the innocent civilians. United Nations report on Syria says 250,000 people have been killed until August 2015 and now it’s the end of 2016, think how many more have been killed in this war especially in the ongoing bloodiest conflict in Aleppo. The recent migrant crisis in europe is the direct result of this whole war because more than 12 to 15 millions have been displaced. All of this speaks volumes about the conditions the Syrians are facing. The question is who is benefitting from all this?

It’s Just Good Business

In my understanding, I think it’s just good business for everyone involved except Syrian population. More wars means more weapons sold. More conflicts, more politics, more influence. The western countries have been doing this for over a hundred years now. Everyone is blaming other for this crisis without accepting their contribution. Who created the ISIS? Who is behind the current disastrous situations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other countries?

I think the United States and their allies think they can topple any government they want. They did this successfully in Libya and Egypt with the motive of Arab Spring. Personally, I don’t support Assad and his regime but western powers should not play their dirty politics in the internal affairs of other countries specially Muslims. You can see what has happened to every country they have interfered with. Afghanistan does not have a strong government like Taliban, Iraq is in despair after Saddam, Libya in chaos after Gaddafi, Egypt is in Sisi’s dictatorship. They are trying to do the same with Syria and obviously they can not put their own troops on ground so they are playing their proxy wars. Misguided Muslims are called for Jihad when actually they are axing their own feet. They are killing their own brothers, those they should defend. Just see what you have done to your own homeland.

Wake Up

It’s time, muslims should wake up and understand that they have been part of a proxy war and not a holy jihad. Jihad would never allow you to kill innocent men, women, kids and elders. Jihad will not even allow you to cut a tree then how come whole cities have been converted into piles of rubble. Understand that a fraction of illicit people in power on both sides are killing you with your own hands and making billions off of it. Your resources are utilized to kill you and make profit for others.

Don’t Kill. Let others Live. This world can be a beautiful place if we put our cunning politics aside.

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  1. If it weren’t for Russia and Iran stepping up, Syria Would have been another Afghanistan or Iraq, Despite the Millions Dead, Syria Will Stand.

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