Man is out hunting!

I usually watch documentaries on YouTube. Today I watched The Mountain of Mystery by Planet Doc. I like it specially the scenery of the Valenzuela and the native people who live there in the jungle. Their culture is ancient, almost as ancient as the landscape in which it has developed. I like some quotations from it.

But the king is always the tiger, the jaguar who is always on the lookout with its sinister gaze. Its roar silences the forest, paralyses the beat of life. The jungle does not regain its breath until his majesty has collected his blood tribute.
and this one
The animals regain confidence, are unaware of the presence of a superior intelligence which immediately interprets every noise they make. Man is out hunting, and even the jaguar king seeks refuge in the shadows of the jungle, unable to compete against the superiority of humans.
Here is the documentary.
When you walk through the forest or sail along the river Churun,
bow down your heads and be respectful.
Do not look up! Be cautious!
On the Auyan live cruel,
perverse spirits who may not be observed.
And if you have to go to the “Devil’s Canyon”,
your eyes should never see the great Karapakupai falls.
Behind it live the most powerful of the gods.
If you see them, they will immediately take your life.
This is referring to Angel Falls – The Devils Canyon. It is 17 times higher than the Niagara Falls.

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