Why is it Illegal for Pakistan to have Nuclear Weapons?

I’ve been reading Yahoo News lately where I came across this slide that lists all 9 countries with nuclear weapons. It says The U.S. has an estimates inventory of 6,970 nuclear warheads and Russia is estimated to have around 7,300 nuclear warheads. After listing France, China and Britain, the author lists Pakistan on no 6 with the only sentence

Pakistan is believed to illegally possess 110-130 nuclear warheads.

The list goes on with India, Israel and North Korea. You can read the description of every country that is mentioned in this list but the only country you will find with the word Illegal Possession is Pakistan. The author is clearly biased against Pakistan and its nuclear weapons. The slide represents the mentality of much of western world towards Pakistani Nuclear Weapons. Western Newspapers has a history of highlighting Pakistan as a state that sells nuclear weapons around to every other rogue nation. Just recently they are accusing Pakistan behind North Korea’s nuclear tests.

I personally want the world to be free of Nuclear Weapons because of the destruction it could spell on the future of this beautiful blue planet and mankind. As a Pakistani, it hurts my feeling that my country is accused of Illegal Possession of Nuclear Weapons. When I see the first five countries in the mentioned list combined to have 13,000+ nuclear weapons and each one of them HAS THE RIGHT to possess these weapons for whatever reason, then the question that came to my mind is Why is it Illegal for Pakistan or any other state to possess these same weapons? You are accusing a country that only resorted to Nuclear Weapons when its neighboring country with a long history of enmity and war tested nuclear weapons. Read India’s Smiling Buddha Nuclear Tests in 1974. India has the history of conflicts with its neighboring countries including Pakistan, China & Srilanka. India being the only enemy state of Pakistan in the south Asian region is forced to spend large chunk of investment in defense and to keep the balance of power in the region, Pakistan started Atomic Research in 1972 after 1971’s war with India that resulted in the loss of East Pakistan now Bangladesh and the intelligence news about the status of Indian Nuclear Program. Pakistan successfully achieved its Nuclear capability in 1984 but kept it secret. It was only after India’s Operation Shakti (Pokhran II) that tested 5 nuclear bombs in Pokhran in Rajasthan region along the Pakistani border that put the pressure on Pakistan to put a slap on Indian aggression by testing 5 underground nuclear tests in 1998 in Chagai district of Baluchistan.

Unlike United States, Russia and India, Pakistan has never been involved in any nuclear disaster. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief has also praised Pakistan’s ‘impressive’ nuclear security record.

I am not a security expert but by the above contrast, Pakistan has EVERY RIGHT to keep as much Nuclear weapons as it deem for its defense. Pakistan is a non-signatory on Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) just like India. So in order to make the world more peaceful and nuclear weapons free, the west has to start from home. Take all these 13000+ weapons to Mars or any other planet and explode them there. Until then we can only hope that no such situation arise for any country to use these weapons again like the United States did in 1945 on Japan.

Pakistan Zindabad.

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