I saw a dream. I went to moon

Yesterday I saw a frightening dream that I am in some sort of aircraft & travelling to moon. Aircraft was beautifully designed from inside and I was the pilot of this aircraft with one of my friend Haris. At first I didn’t recognized where I am heading but then the scene changed & I found myself on a somewhat like a rocky place. The soil of that land was of Gray color. My friend told me that we are on Moon. One thing to note. We were not wearing any space suits.

The Lake :

Then the scene changed & I saw myself at a beach like place. That beach has one high place like mound & we are on it. To get down safely we have to be very attentive. My friend told me let’s take some photos & we will show these to other group members when we get back & we’ll tell them that we went to moon. When we get down, there actually was water. This was some what like a lake. I was amazed. My friend told me that this lake is used as a water resource for people living nearby.

Two Black Guys :

While we were taking photos down there, 2 black guys appear on the mound & one of them throw some metallic thing on other. That thing was actually a gold ring & it fall near my foot. I gave it back to one of them.

The Fireworks :

Then the scene changed & there I was in a flat with my mother. She asked me where are we & I told her that we are at moon. Look outside. Then I saw many people from my window. They have something in their hands & they throw it on the sky. It blow like fireworks in the sky.

The Sky :

Then I thought to myself that we learned there is no oxygen on moon then how can all these people live here without any spacesuits. I look towards the sky & then I realize that it is some sort of sphere (Same like the one in movie The Hunger Games).

My Worries :

Suddenly I got terrified and worried of this place that something bad is going to happen here. We humans have created this artificial living place on moon. It will soon collide. I have to get back to my home on Earth. I can not describe that feeling. If we ever visit some other planets in near future, I am sure the people who get there will understand this feeling to get back to our Mother Planet ‘Earth’. I packed my bag & insisted my friend to go back.

Coming Back to Home :

Then the scene changed & I found myself at the pilot seat and Boooooom. We were going Home.
& Then I open my Eyes at my father’s call.

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Hi! I am Sajjad Arif Gul, Software Engineer by profession but apart from my work, I am also a passionate Gamer, Teacher, Swimmer, Photographer and Writer. I love travelling and doing works that bring positive values to the lives of people.

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