How to get a Software Engineering Job?

How to get a Software Engineering Job?

Let’s face it, more than 90% of students especially those in under development countries ends up doing job at some company after graduation. While I myself recommends entrepreneurship but we know not every student becomes entrepreneur either because of financial issues or lack of ideas and support. Finding your first job is not an easy task especially a job where employees have fun, less stress and more learning environment, a job that that not only pays good salary but also care for its employees. I was a Software Engineering student and like other students, I also faced this tedious task of finding my dream job. With God’s blessing and my hard work and knowledge, I got the job I was looking for. So I would like to share some key points for software engineering students who are in their last semesters or graduates looking for job.

Decide Your Field

Software Engineering industry is moving at a very fast rate. Every day a new technology is coming out and the old ones are being packed. University professors and teachers are unable to keep up with this pace and often teach obsolete stuff. So you must decide for yourself what field technology job you are going to do after graduation and be very clear about it. You should research which technology will be more ‘in‘ in industry once you graduate and then try to acquire as much skills as you can that are related to this field.

Master Your Selected Field

A best way to find most needed skills for your selected field is to look at job postings and see what they are currently seeking out in candidates. What I mean by this point is that most students apply for each and every job they come across on job sites without reading the full specifications. This will only cause you wastage of time and a lot of bad interviews. So master your selected field and the skills needed for this job. Avoid applying for every job where you only know two things out of all required skills. I love developing mobile applications but I didn’t learned all the required skills which caused me to waste a whole month. I had only learned .Net related technologies throughout my university days and I was very good in it.

Get Experience

Experience speaks. If you are in your final semesters, you may have some off days in your university schedule. Invest those days. Either get an internship even if with no stipend or develop projects related to your target fields. Both of these are worthful on your CV.


I have given a number of interviews and none of them have ever asked my CGPA. The only thing that matter is your experience and hands on skills. If you have these two, you are worth more than others without these. Yes you have to have a professional degree for software engineering jobs but a degree doesn’t guarantee a perfect job. If you are a complete fresher, an employer might be looking for what projects you have done. I have developed a number of projects both as semester projects and for my own skills improvements in my spare time and I mention them prominently on my CV. If you want to see my CV, here it is.

Only Apply for Jobs in Your Selected Fields

After graduation I applied to all mobile development jobs and companies I could find, even though I only had half the knowledge and skills required for most jobs. Obviously that didn’t worked out so well for me. A lot of students do this mistakes, they would apply for every job in a desperate attempt to be employed and in this hassle they would accept even the job offers they are not meant to do. Lesson learned: Apply for only the jobs from field that you are very good at. After this, I only applied for the jobs related to .Net technology and I got a lot more response and confidence.

Know Your Worth

This is the most important point. Especially the first time candidates don’t know what they are worth. If we try to find the worth of a software engineer (in under development countries) on Google and other websites they mostly show exaggerated numbers. Also most other employed software engineers don’t share their salaries so the new guys really have no idea what is their worth and then they would accept jobs with salary less than their expectations, thinking this might the market standard. I am a software engineer from Pakistan so I am going to give you a fresh software engineer’s worth here.

A fresh Software Engineer who meets all the requirements of his expected job is worth between 30,000 PKR to 50,000 PKR a month.

You should not accept any job offer below this after four years of Software Engineering. If you get an offer below this, decline the offer. It’s your job not an internship. Don’t think you will not get other jobs if you declined this one. The thing with software industry is you can always get a new job.

Pro Tips

  1. Don’t call your interviewer Sir. It gives you immature look. You are in a business agreement and you both have to be on the same level.
  2. Always check the company profile on LinkedIn and their website. If you know who will be taking your interview, also check their profiles. Also Google the company reviews.
  3. Don’t overdress for interview. No one wears 3 piece in a software house. Just simple clothing would work. No need to wear a Tie unless you are going to interview for Google, Microsoft or the likes of these.
  4. Follow these CV and Interview Tips.
  5. Prepare for very hard Technical Interviews obviously.

Keep these in mind and if you have any question, feel free to ask. I wish you all the best for your job hunting and hope that you get your dream job. Stay Happy.

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Hi! I am Sajjad Arif Gul, Software Engineer by profession but apart from my work, I am also a passionate Gamer, Teacher, Swimmer, Photographer and Writer. I love travelling and doing works that bring positive values to the lives of people.

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